Tuesday, July 24, 2012

priceless moment no. 89

wind in summer

It could have been another Monday evening. It could have been an ordinary day. It could have been a simple night fall before the next four working days.
But the wind decided not to be like yesterday. Nor like the week before.
I urged for some fresh air, I dreamed about a few clouds in the sky. I put on a light dress and went outside. As I turned my eyes up, I realized. I heard. I felt. The wind was running through the tree, and leaves seamed to sing as they were balanced. The dark blue sky revealed just a few stars. The coulds seamed rather orange due to city light that went up to reach them. The trees were bending. My hair flew all around. My dress was running by the wind and the cold air was surrounding life itself. The only human-touched sound was from my neighbours' feng shui door bells.
I closed my eyes and let my heart run with the wind.
The leaves are still singing... but it's already too late... so I'll choose a place to sleep. As it may really be my bed, today I'll call it my palace of wind-pillows.
Good night and sweet dreams, my beloved wind! Today I'm free, as you!

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