Friday, June 3, 2011

priceless moment no. 67

inspiration night

i love the days when ideas run through my head like ants on the ground.
they come, they go, they leave behind words to be spoken.

who am i? who are you? where is the beginning and where do we go? are we tall, are we small? can we fly, do we fly, are we birds? are we the architects of the new world... or demolition men?

long way till next star in the sky... does it hear me thinking? hello! hello shiny one! do you have a friend, a son, a wife? do you live?

norway fiords, mediteranean sea, grand canyon, circle of fire, victoria lake, tibet... if i could fly....
if i were a monkey, a snake, a cat... would i wish for more?

i'm just a fallen leaf. i was in a tree, and i decided to take off. i did it. i fly. i'll lay down on the grass and i'll be shelter for a little mouse when the eagle looks for it. i love my life. you though it's short?! oh, no! i had so much, i felt so much, the wind was my lover, i had thousand of friends, my kids are the flowers, my nephew the fruits, i smile while i die, as i'll remain forever. step on me, it won't hurt me. take me home in a book, i'll read a lot. i'll return next year!

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