Tuesday, March 15, 2011

priceless moment no. 55

keeping promises

Whatever our promises, it's a must to keep them. Or so we are told when we are kids.
Then we grow up. And start to forget what we've promised, or promise without meaning it.
Then time passes by. We are mature grown ups. We don't promise in vain and strugle to keep promises, even it's hard, it costs or it tears your heart in two.
Then we become the elders of our families. We teach our grandsons to keep promises. And the circle begins once again. The circle of promises.

It might be hard, but it is rewarding. It is difficult, but it makes you feel like there is no other achievement of the kind. It is noble. It makes you feel good. It is so nice to make promises and so much nicer when you receive promises. It gives you power. It gives you hope. Although, deep down your heart, you know from the very begining that there is nothing to expect, no promise to be kept.
We like to make promises and we like to ask for promises. That who and how we are.

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