Thursday, September 16, 2010

priceless moment no. 32

bare feet on the sand

A quarter past nine in the evening. I'm stepping out of the car. I quickly grab my laptop and my mid heeled shoes i've wore at work today. It's dark outside and a bit chilly, even the car indicated there are 28 degrees outside. It's a bit late for returning home, especially a loving husband and a sweet gorgeous baby are already waiting for me for a while. Still, I take my time and indulge myself for a moment. I close my eyes. For as long as 30 seconds, I imagine I’m on the beach. It's night and I am having a walk along the sea. My bare feet are walking through the cold sand. A soft wind is blowing through my hair which runs wild over my shoulders. I scramble with my toes in the wet sand. I take a deep breath and look over the black darkness of the black sea. I listen to the sea and try to remember it. I keep walking on the beach for half an hour. I'm free, I'm happy, I smile deep in my soul.

I return to reality. I'm in the street. The laptop on one shoulder, the bag on the other, a pair of light shoes in my feet and the nice heeled ones in my hands. I look quickly at my windows. All lights are turned on. I hurry home.
I'm home, my darlings! "mom-ma" and a huge smile. They both come quickly to welcome me. My family evening begins.

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